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Portal: Gelad & Stow


Entrance point: Forests

Forests act as the entrance to new worlds. Woodlands exist as a gateway to ancient realms in many fairytales and folklores. 

Trees are living connections to ancient pasts.

Destination: Portals

This new found folklore is expanding into a surrounding landscape that I am inviting all beings to enter.

Physically inviting the viewer into the space the portal commands. Literally taking them into a land that exists between the real world and my imagination. Can we imbue this object with new life?

Visualising  portals

Openings for creatures. What would these portals look like? Suspended or in flux. The portals are living creatures in themselves, being boundaries between worlds. The mundane and where our imagination can lead us.


Portal: Gelad & Stow

Sculpture, ModRoc, Recycled Cardboard, Acrylic, Semi-Precious Gemstones and Watercolour paintings, 2023

Designing the Portal

Sketchbook excerpts, 2023

A mixed media sculpture that encourages a physical interaction with the audience, to bring this new form to life. This sculpture draws upon recognised imagery of The Portal which can be found in folklore, science fiction and fantasy. The lure of entering a new realm. 

The Anglo-Saxon translations are Gelad: Path (a passage or journey) and Stow: Place (a place of significance). The Portal by its very nature, is both a pathway and a place of my creation, a heightened landscape that feels like it could have sprung from a new earth. 

A sculpture that can be traversed by the audience. Its very shape is an invitation to enter and feel a sense of magic and excitement. 


The bodily like sentinels on either side create an immediate physical connection. The audience's subconscious knowledge of the portal form creates an immediate understanding and lure that is inherently embedded in our desire to explore.

Growan Wyrm

2023, Sculpture, ModRoc, Recycled Cardboard, Acrylic, Semi-Precious Gemstones

This interactable element of Portal: Gelad & Stow further encourages interaction and the physical touch. 


This obvious representation of a sword/ceremonial weapon was an intentional homage to the fantasy and historical folklore elements I am invoking in my imagery. Again drawing upon a childlike excitement of old heroes to encourage a desire to interact with my sculpture on a playful yet ancient intrinsic level. 

This artifact feels like it could have grown from the very portal in which it resides.


I thought it only right that this blade be worthy of a name.

The Anglo-Saxon translations Growan: to grow and Wyrm: a reptile, serpent, snake or dragon of a mythological nature

Growan Wyrm
Growan Wyrm, 2023
Interaction with Growan Wyrm

Removable element

Interacting with Growan Wyrm, 2023

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