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OffWorld Tome, 2022 - Sculpture, papier-mâché, ink, semi precious gemstones

Podium of the Tome, 2022 - Sculpture, papier-mâché, clay, semi precious gemstones

In the Valley of the Beacon
, 2022 - Watercolour painting  

PODIUM 7_edited.png

Private view - 18/11/22

BAFA Exhibition - Artist Statement

Through majestic iconography I am aiming to bring the audience into the folklore I am developing.


The Podium stands as a striking focus point. Enticing the viewer to stand in its presence. As the pulpit draws the eyes and ears of the congregation, this Mighty Tome emits an other-worldly visual story.


The pages are in themselves sculpted from my mythical landscape. Throughout history, religion and fantasy, books remain the hub of knowledge and source of reverence. Embedded within the pages are artefacts from my OffWorld, alongside icons of myths and memories. The colours and tangibility of the materials used entice the viewer to touch the page; physically bringing them into my mythology.


The Circlet that hangs from the Podium is another heraldic symbol, bestowing pageantry upon the lore I am creating. This circlet is designed to be removed, held and worn, and the viewer is encouraged to do so.


In the Valley of the Beacon explores this newly formed folklore, drawing the viewer into an unknown land. The curious colours of the mountain landscape create a bridge from known surroundings to this new planet. The mysterious beacon that stands in the valley mirrors the erected presence of the podium standing in the room.


Enigmatic and difficult to ignore, both sculptures and painting command engagement and bewitch the viewer.

Private View Announcement
OffWorld Tome

OffWorld Tome, 2022 - Sculpture, papier-mâché, ink, semi precious gemstones

valley 2_edited_edited.jpg


Study of OffWorld Artefact, 2022 - Indian ink, paint 

Asteroid Planter on OffWorld Dias, 2022- Papier mache, concrete

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